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Why uBiome matters to me

February 10, 2013

I stumbled upon uBiome, which is a crowd-funded citizen science project, on social media (Twitter). I haven’t seen any coverage of it in Australian traditional media and so, without Twitter, it is unlikely that I would have become aware of this project. It is this sharing of knowledge among 2.4bn (and rising – click here for the regional & global internet user statistics) connected people which will facilitate the exponential acceleration of innovation.

uBiome is pioneering crowd-funding for science using the Indiegogo platform (click here to visit the site). This does not preclude the team from accessing traditional funding sources at a later date, but it shows that there is a new source of funding for science. This approach is engaging for the funders and quicker and simpler for the scientists.

Lastly, I’ll receive an analysis of my microbiome. Until I read the uBiome site, I didn’t know that the trillions of bacteria that live on and in me were known collectively as my microbiome. However, I do know that the future of medicine lies in greater collecting and sharing of data. My participation in the uBiome project is a small step for me in contributing my data for analysis. In time, I’m sure that I will provide abundant data on my body to specialists and expect preventative and regenerative medicine to improve rapidly as a result, thereby extending our lives.

uBiome represents the power of the Internet in knowledge gathering and sharing, pioneers a new funding source for science, and adds to the data and analysis required to improve global healthcare. That’s why uBiome matters to me.


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