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#Nobel4Malala is important

November 24, 2012

Education and communication are the foundation of this new era of exponentially accelerating innovation. To maximise the outcome, it is necessary that everyone receives an education and has cheap, easy access to communications. An outcome of this era is likely to be World peace. This is why the #Nobel4Malala campaign for Malala Yousafzai to receive the Nobel Peace Prize is important.

In late 2008 / early 2009, at the age of 11, Malala wrote a blog for the BBC, which can be viewed here. While the blog was written under a pseudonym, her father decided to nominate Malala for an international peace prize. After this, she began to appear in public and on TV campaigning for girls’ rights to education. On 9 Oct 2012, a member of the Taliban stopped a school bus in Pakistan, asked for Malala to be identified, and then shot her and 2 other girls. All 3 girls survived and, although she was shot in the head, Malala is reported to be recovering with no significant brain damage.

Gordon Brown, former UK PM and now the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, has provided support through the I Am Malala web-site. There is a petition on the site calling for global change for girls’ education. I encourage you to visit the site (click here), watch the video, and sign the petition.

It has already made a difference with Pakistan voting in favour of introducing compulsory, free education for all children and discussing an increase in education spending from 2% to 4% of national income.

To continue the momentum, Tarek Fatah set up a petition calling for political leaders to lobby for Malala to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Over 240,000 signatures have been received and many leaders have pledged their support. Click here to visit Tarek’s site and you can establish a petition for your country if one does not yet exist.

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  1. Excellent info and well written. Keep up the fantastic stuff!

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