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Robots in space

November 13, 2012

Great article from @wiredscience about the use of #robots in #space exploration. “The best part of humans, our powerful brains that can identify the perfect geologic rock sample and make decisions on the fly, would be combined with all the advantages of robots — their advanced cameras, suites of instruments, and bodies that aren’t prone to degenerative problems like blindness and bone loss after months of space travel”. Click here to read the full article.

The advances in communications and robotics are key enablers for the objectives of resource abundance and technological singularity. The ability to explore planets with harsh environments expands the potential for resource discovery, while the exoskeleton pictured below, from the European Space Agency’s METERON project, will allow astronauts to control robots and receive haptic communication, i.e. feel objects that robots touch. The ESA aims to have this incredible human / machine collaboration in use by 2014.

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